Belize NEW HGTV House Hunters features the JUNGLE LIFE

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Canadian wildlife biologists Vanessa and Mathieu are growing tired of doing all their work out in the field and living out of suitcases. They’ve always had a dream of setting up their own biology lab at home so that they can continue their studies as well as house students who are conducting their own research. Vanessa works primarily with reptiles and Mathieu with birds. With lush tropical rain forests, ocean, rivers, ponds and streams, Belize is the ideal spot to start this ambitious project and get their dream in motion. However, this entire plan hinges on finding property that not only serves as a home for them personally but has the space and structures for their research station. With criteria such as acreage, water and jungle access, real estate agent Macarena Rose has quite a challenge. Will Vanessa and Mathieu find a home and property that’s all set-up and ready to go? Or will they have to purchase a place that is a huge project in and of itself before they can even start work on their professional endeavor? Find out when House Hunters International takes the biology lab to the tropics of Belize.


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